Advanced Physical Therapy Student of the Month: Brennan Hipson – McPherson High School

Brennan Hipson is a student and tennis player at McPherson High School. He recalls the long day in which his injury happened and how he hasn’t let that hold him back.

“I was playing and I went to reach for a short ball. I heard and felt a pop,” he said. Little did he know he had a microfracture that required surgery on his left femur. Only three days later, Brennan was in physical therapy. Brennan says his favorite treatment in therapy is the E-Stim with cold packs on his legs.

“The cold, along with the little shocks, really help with the swelling and it’s surprisingly relaxing!” Recovery has been going well for Brennan. He says he has regained lots of his strength in his calf and thigh as well as being able to walk normally again.

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