Campus’ Jackson Hartley – Baseball Catcher Spotlight Presented by Just Block It Catchers Camp

By Derrick Smith

Sometimes losing can be the best motivation for a sports team. Seeing the work that you and your teammates put in not paying off can only drive you to work even harder and continue to get better. That is the case for Jackson Hartley and his baseball teammates at Campus High School.

“The highlight moment of my high school career is winning the Class 6A state title last season,” Hartley said. “The feeling of hard work finally paying off was more than amazing. We went from being 6-15 my freshman year to 16-6 my sophomore year to 23-2 my junior year. Throughout the past three years it was mainly the same seven to nine guys that went through that 6-15 season that motivated us to work harder as accomplish goals that we had set.”

Hartley, a senior, plays catcher but also fills in at pitcher and third base as needed. He has been playing baseball for fourteen years and still loves it as much as he did when he first started.

There are two men in Jackson’s life who serve as role models.

“My biggest role model is my grandpa,” he said. “He makes playing the game I love worth it. Another role model would have to be my summer coach, Danny Driskill. He has always believed in me and my abilities but more importantly he has shaped me into the man I am today.”

One of Jackson’s teachers during his junior year also made an impact on his life.

“My favorite teacher would have to be Mrs. Kline,” she said. “She was my junior English teacher and she taught all of her students life lessons that are crucial to succeeding in life.”

Hartley also works a job while he is in school, but he does not have to travel very far to get there.

“I work at the coffee shop in our school,” he stated. “It’s a class that allows students to get the customer service experience. The class is taught by an outstanding teacher, Mr. Kliewer.”

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