City League Football Schedule Released

Greater Wichita Athletic League Athletic Director J. Means released the updated football schedule Friday afternoon. With the COVID-19 pandemic being fluid, the schedule is subject to change.

Tuesday night, the USD 259 School Board voted 6-1 to overturn the previous decision to cancel fall sports. Some sports can begin in the middle next week.

The football season will be six games in seven weeks with each of the public schools in the league getting a bye week. After the district initially canceled its season, the two private schools in the league, Kapaun Mount Carmel and Bishop Carroll, filled their season with non-league opponents, plus a matchup of the two parochial schools.

Guidelines and regulations for spectators at sporting events will be released in the coming days.

Week 1

September 12, 1:00–Southeast vs. South at Heights

September 12, 1:00–Northwest vs. West at Northwest

September 14,  7:00–North vs. East at Heights

BYE: Heights

Week 2

September 18, 7:00–West vs. Heights at Friends University

September 18, 7:00–Northwest vs. Southeast at Northwest

September 19, 1:00pm–South vs. North at Carpenter

BYE: East


Week 3

September 24, 7:00–West vs. Southeast at Northwest

September 24, 7:00–North vs. Heights at Heights

September 25, 7:00–South vs. East at Carpenter

BYE: Northwest


Week 4

October 2, 7:00–South vs. West at Carpenter

October 2, 7:00–North vs. Northwest at Northwest

October 2, 7:00–Heights vs. East at Heights

BYE: Southeast


Week 5

October 8, 7:00–East vs. Southeast at Carpenter

October 9, 7;00–Heights vs. Northwest at Heights

October 9, 7:00–West vs. North at Northwest

BYE: South


Week 6

October 16th, 7:00–Heights vs. South at Heights

October 16th, 7:00–Southeast vs. North at Carpenter

October 16th, 7:00–East vs. Northwest at Northwest



Week 7

October 22, 7:00–Northwest vs. South at Northwest

October 23rd, 7:00–East vs. West at Carpenter

October 23rd, 7:00–Southeast vs. Heights at Heights