Clearwater’s Tanner Cash – Spotlight Presented By Fellowship of Christian Athletes


Clearwater High School senior and quarterback of the football team, Tanner Cash, is ready to prove to all the critics he is ready to take that
next step. One goal for this season is a deep run in the playoffs.

“Personally for this season, I want to prove that I am ready to be a college football player. I want to showcase that I have what it takes to be a
leader on and off the field and show coaches that I would be a great asset for them at the next level. As a team, I want to make a deep playoff run. I really think we have the skill to do it and I know we have all put in a tremendous amount of work this offseason to be prepared for whatever is thrown our way. I realize that a lot of things are uncertain during this time, but I know that one thing is for sure, our team is going to be dangerous this season,” said Cash.

His passion for his teammates comes through when you ask Cash what he loves about playing with this group of guys.

“The thing I love most about my teammates is how close we are to one another. Living in a smaller town and going to a smaller school like Clearwater you really get the chance to grow up with the kids around you. Everyone knows everybody so you get a sense that you are all family and you look out for one another, especially on the football field,” said Cash.