Inman’s Nathan Shober – Student of the Month Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

Osgood-Schlatter disease isn’t fun for anyone, but especially a high school athlete like Inman junior Nathan Shober. Activity can cause the knee pain to flare up, and rest helps. Shober says surgery isn’t an option, and the knee pain is something he will most likely have to live with. But in order to get the most out of football and track, Shober visits Advanced Physical Therapy in McPherson. “PT helps,” Nathan says. “It recently starting flaring up, so I wasn’t able to run or squat for awhile. A mix of PT and rest helps.” With ample rest and therapy, Shober is able to rarely has to miss games or track events. He credits the staff at Advanced Physical Therapy for working with him through monotonous exercises. “They try to make it as fun as possible,” Nathan says. “They’re all really nice people.”

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