Marion’s Kellen Waner – Call of the Wild Presented by Commercial Tire


Being outdoors is where Kellen Waner is most at home. The freshman at Marion High School is a member of the varsity track, wrestling, and football teams. While he enjoys competing, being outside hunting and fishing is where he’s at his best.

“I enjoy all outdoors but love the peace and quiet,” said Waner. “Some outdoor activities I enjoy involve hunting, fishing, shooting guns, and hiking.”

The pole vaulter said he does not have a favorite place to hunt, but he does have a great hunting story.

“I do not have a favorite place to hunt because the wind dictates which one I go to,” said Waner. “My best hunting story was when I was a seventh grader, and I shot my first buck. I was really nervous, so the gun was shaking, I finally calmed down and pulled the trigger. The deer ran about 15 yards and dropped dead. I was so excited I finally killed my first buck.”

Taking care of the land and waterways is something else that is important to Waner.

“I believe it is important to take care of the land and waterways because we don’t have them forever once they’re gone,” said Waner.

The freshman is unsure about his future after high school, but he does know it will include more hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.