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Salina South’s McKenzie Billings – The Alley “Bowler of the Month”

McKenzie Billings is a senior at Salina South who enjoys participating in bowling and band.

“What makes bowling interesting and fun to enjoy is the people I’m surrounded by,” she said. “Making amazing relationships and new friends. And of course having the best coach, Mr. White.”

Salina South head bowling coach Seth White appreciates having Billings on the team as well.

“McKenzie is a tough athlete; she has had many obstacles put in her way throughout her bowling career, but she takes each one on and gets better through it all,” he said. “There is never a dull moment with her on the team!”

One of these un-dull moments came after a fateful bet, as Billings shares.

“My favorite memory with bowling throughout the years, especially high school, is making friends and making bets with Mr. White,” she said. “One of our last bets was if I were to pick up a split, that I got to pick out where we wanted to eat. We went out at IHOP with the girls varsity team and it was White’s birthday. Knowing he doesn’t like sweets, I told our server it was his birthday to get some ice cream. Long story short, I ended up laughing so hard and spit it all over him.”

Billings has a special connection to her sport. Her love for her father and striving to make him proud is of the utmost important to her.

“My role model is my father,” she said. “He was the one who introduced me into bowling. Growing up in the bowling alley. This summer he passed away and he’s always been my go-to person. He has always motivated me to do better, not just with bowling, but to keep a positive outlook in life. My motivation in school and bowling, especially now, is always thinking about what my dad would want for me.” 

After her graduation, Billings has a plan.

“After high school I want to reach my dream and get into phycology and help younger kids who need support,” she said. 

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