Wichita East’s Weston Engram – JOMA Bowler Spotlight

Weston Engram is a senior this year at Wichita East High School. He loves his school and is involved in a variety of activities, including bowling, choir, and the Educators Rising Club. It is the opportunity to be in these groups that Engram appreciates about his high school.

“I really enjoy the amount of diversity and culture that East High provides,” he said.

He also values the relationships he has been able to build through his involvement in sports and clubs at school. 

“I really enjoy the amount of friends that I’ve made through doing these things,” said Engram, “and I plan to keep most of these friends in my life.”

Engram is a self-motivated individual and says that he is, “trying to build his own path” in life. He keeps his goals in mind and works hard to achieve them.

“What really motivates me is trying to reach an end goal and if you don’t reach it, it really makes you push yourself to reach it next time,” he said.

Throughout his high school bowling career, he doesn’t have one moment in particular that stands out, but a collection of memories made alongside his friends and teammates.

“My favorite [thing] is really having the chance to bowl with great people and good friends,” he said.

After his time at East High is finished, Engram says he would love to collegiate bowl and study in the field of music education or psychology. 

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