Interested in advertising in the 2024 VYPE Football Preview issue?

We are less than two months away from the unveiling of the 2024 VYPE football preview magazine! There is still time to advertise with us, to showcase your business in the most highly-anticipated magazine of the year! Check out the graphic above for more details!

How to Get Relief from Foot Pain

Our feet are the vehicle through which we explore our surrounding landscape, so experiencing any pain can feel debilitating. A recent study reports that 81% of Americans have reported foot pain in 2024, and 21% of adults have experienced foot discomfort for one to five years.   Not surprisingly, those whose careers cause them to be on their feet for […]

How to Choose Shoes for Walking and Running – Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

Finding the perfect walking or running shoe isn’t an easy task. With countless options on the market, navigating through various features and styles can be overwhelming. However, proper footwear is crucial for comfort, performance, and injury prevention. Keep reading for expert advice on picking the right shoe to set you off on the right foot.   […]