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About VYPE

About VYPE

VYPE is “IN THE GAME!” VYPE High School Sports Magazine was born in 2005 with the mission and passion to recognize and celebrate the on and off the field accomplishments of local student athletes and their teams, coaches, schools, fans, parents and the high school community.  VYPE has honored thousands of student athletes not only for their athletic achievement but also for their academic excellence, community service and their unique stories that are not covered by other media. VYPE has become the undisputed choice for parents and high school students to discover positive stories about the lifestyle of high school athletics. VYPE can be compared to “Sports Illustrated” as related to high school athletics! VYPE covers local high school athletics in a family-positive print, online and social media platform. VYPE produces unique and exclusive content that is in high demand by the high school sports audience and is an outstanding media venue for local businesses to connect with that audience. 

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Owner/Publisher: Mike Cooper – [email protected] – 316-218-3579 

Sales/Advertising/Sponsorship: Mike Cooper – [email protected] – 316-218-3579

Editorial: Editor – Brad Hallier – [email protected] -620-474-7169 

Comments/Feedback – Mike Cooper – [email protected] – 316-218-3579

Website: ksmain.ksvype.com 

Facebook: @VYPECK

Twitter: @VYPEKS