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What we miss about high school sports

By Joanna Chadwick

I saw a post on Twitter about what specifically we miss about sports that were canceled due to COVID-19.

For me, it’s eating seeds — I love the flavored kind — while watching my boys play soccer. I miss the postgame breakdown of what they loved about the game, reliving every moment, good and bad. I miss the smelly soccer shoes. My goodness, I can’t believe I typed that. I miss running from one kid’s game to another’s.

Here’s what you said on Twitter and Facebook. Want to share more? Email me at [email protected].

(There have been light edits for clarity made to some quotes.)

“Watching my senior in her last year of high school soccer sports play the game she loves so much.” — Kathy Coker

“Watching the Inman High School baseball team break school records and win 2A state baseball!! This was going to be their year. Have kids that have put in a lot of work.” — Jeri Thiesen Johnson

“I miss watching my kids compete and I really miss socializing with the parents of kids our boys are teammates with.” — Lena Grill

“I miss that ‘Oh my gosh that would be such a great photo — come on, we have to run’ feeling more than anything!” — Mya Studyvin

“As a ref, blowing the whistle to start the game. Anything is possible at that point. As a dad, just watching my kids play. Josie is a junior, Time is running short on watching her. As a fan, that gnawing in your stomach and shaking legs when your team is in a big game.” — Brad Hallier

“I miss the interaction between the fans. Hearing the conversations in the bleachers as people from all walks of life come together to root on their kids, their family members, their friends or neighbors when the topics move from the game or event to life and back with somewhat seamless transitions. Being in a small town like Hesston, people do genuinely care for one another.” — Rusty Whitcher

“Picking a team and cheering like it’s your alma mater; it doesn’t matter what sport or what level of play — I miss the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” — Natasha Calvert

“The competition, seeing the athletes play hard and make memories.” — Josh Gooch

“Taking photos, finding the story. Looking for the emotion. God, I miss it.” — Nathan Alspaw

“The pride of watching Faith at the starting line, stretching before the race, wondering what she’s thinking at that very moment. The nervousness as the pistol sounds, finding her pace, positioning herself for the 2nd lap, making her move, “go Go GO!” & crossing the finish line.” — Tricia Paramore

“I miss watching PR’s at swim meets, when the relay looks at the time on the board, then coach & parents to see if it was a state time. And I miss the smell of the pool.” — Kristi Lehrman

“I umpire a lot. My phrase to start a game is ‘Let’s play!’ I was supposed to say that at League 42 tonight. I miss the nervous anticipation of the plate meeting, settling in after a few pitches, then enjoying a good game from the best spot in the house. #baseball”

— Michael Packard

“Community, baseball weekends and watching K sneak past a contender on the track.” — Jennifer Scritchfield

“I’m missing track!! Love watching everyone compete!!” — Kevin Hammond

“I miss the daily interaction with the players trying to make an impact on their life and their golf game. It is cultivating relationships to assist student-athletes with trying to achieve goals they didn’t think they were capable of.” — Brennan Torgerson

“Watching the kids interact with each other, watching them hoist trophies at the finish of the meet, and watching them pick out championship rings.” — Greg Smarsh

“I miss watching my grandkids swim. Seeing the results of their and their teammates’ practices. Watching the fist bumps, back pats, sometimes hugs, and the always positive encouragement from coaches after a great, good, or disappointing swim. Taking pictures of all the team to post.” — James Carter

“I miss the concession stand! I love warm pretzels with way too much salt.” — Kelly Kitterman

“My eighth grade son and I love to watch Little River play any sports. We went to the first round of state basketball and it was great, and he was supposed to go with his dad to the second round. We hadn’t been to state in 20 years! To get so close and not be able to go the distance was super disappointing to the players, coaches, fans and community.” — Stephanie Price Young

” I miss seeing my three kids competing. I have a senior girl, and two boys who had Omaha Cup (pre-Olympics Trial cuts). The pool has been their life since ages 9, 9, and 7. Now they’re 20, 18, 17. No sport works all the muscles like swimming.” — Lori Taylor

“Watching the kids play with excitement and compassion… especially the games where they play against their summer ball teammates. Always a good time. All athletes across the state of Kansas put in so much work and it just hurts a bit not seeing them able to showcase their talents. Praying they are able to continue their individual workouts and prepare for the future.” — Shannon Catlin

“I miss everything about the track and field season, but will miss our home invitational the most. It’s the time we can truly showcase our athletes to our local community. The other spring sport athletes can watch their friends, and it’s the day we honor our senior track athletes.”  — Dennis Boldt

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