Beloit High School Cheer – Poll Winner Presented By WSU Tech

By Matt Browning

Beloit cheerleader coach Jody Vowinckel says a quality cheerleading program is vital to the athletic experience and she has the proof to back it up.

“Studies have shown that cheerleaders can play a significant role in winning games by leading the crowd to support and encourage the players,” Vowinckel said. “Beloit cheer has effectively led our fans to cheer on our teams at every game resulting in a powerful atmosphere for our teams on the field and court.”

The coaches at Beloit agreed that the Trojans cheer squad brings out the best in home football and basketball games.

“Our cheer squad plays a significant role in what makes Friday night lights so special in Beloit. The energy they bring each week is awesome. They are the hardest working cheer squad in the state,” said head football coach, Brad Gober.

Throughout the fall and winter, Beloit has a rigorous practice and game schedule, including a lot of travel.

“In the fall we practice twice a week with games every Friday,” Vowinckel said. “In the winter, we practice one to two times a week with games every Tuesday and Friday. In January, we travel with the basketball teams to Colby for the Orange and Black basketball tournament and six games are cheered over the course of three days. Of course, post season basketball brings a very hectic game schedule, as well.”

The 2023-2024 cheer squad was: senior Jayden Brooks, juniors Hattie Anderson, Kat Gray, Barbara Guirao, Christina Keller, Ashlyn Loomis and Tatum Seyfert, sophomores Barklee McMillan and Ava Sloan and freshmen Reagan Cheney and Savannah Smith.

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