Moundridge State Basketball – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Hutchinson Community College

New coach, no problem for the now back-to-back class 2A state champion Moundridge Wildcats. 

One year after legendary coach Vance Unrau retired, first-year head coach Dustan Kanitz and the Wildcats are still the team to beat in class 2A. 

“I would say there were high expectations,” Kanitz said. “The Moundridge community loves the game of basketball. The passion and support they give make the pressure enjoyable. I wanted this to happen for our community. Good basketball brings so much joy and momentum to our town.” 

This wasn’t just a lucky run for Kanitz and his Wildcats. He knew the whole time that this team could be very special despite losing two previous co-players of the year in class 2A. 

“I knew going into last summer that we were going to have all of the pieces to be a talented team,” Kanitz said. “It all just fell into place for me and this team. Our God is awesome, and it was just as He measured the steps for us all year. The Lord gets all of the glory in this story.” 

With a record as absurd as 7-1 in state championship games in school history, Kanitz had every player chomping at the bit to win the eighth state championship for the school and the first for him. 

Thanks to a huge third quarter, giving them their largest lead of 15, the Wildcats would be able to hold off the unbeaten Lyndon squad from any type of comeback. 

“These boys bought into the defensive style that we wanted to play early this past summer,” Kanitz said. “It was satisfying to see them be able to make our opponents uncomfortable for every catch and every shot attempt.” 

The cherry on top for Kanitz was that he was able to have both of his sons, Kreighton and Kaizer, on the team as well, stating that it was an “extra special” feeling. 

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