Noah Lau, Hutchinson Trinity HS – Athlete Spotlight Presented By Advanced Physical Therapy

By Matt Browning

Multiple health problems forced Hutchinson Trinity’s Noah Lau to attend Advanced Physical Therapy.

“I first injured myself during basketball in 2023,” Lau said. “I had a stress fracture in my lumbar spine and sciatic nerve pain. During the most recent basketball season, I had a high ankle sprain and tore several ligaments in my ankle.”

There was more than one exercise that APT used on Lau that proved to be beneficial.

“For my nerve pain, nerve glides and hamstring stretches were the most beneficial,” Lau said. “Side planks and flutter kicks were the most beneficial for my back injury. Single leg balance exercises were the most beneficial for my ankle.”

For multiple weeks, Lau had to go to APT to lessen his discomfort, while also rehabilitating his injuries.

“For my back and nerve injury, I went twice a week for about two to three months and then once a week for another six weeks,” Lau said. “For the ankle injury, I went one to two times a week for four months. They started by setting long term goals for me, and then I did very simple and light exercises. After a couple weeks, they would move me on to harder exercises when I was stronger.” 

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