Winfield’s Skylar Flower-Athlete Spotlight-Presented by KTAG

Spending her offseason training with her teammates has proven to be beneficial for Winfield’s Skylar Flower.

“For me I’ve wanted to be able to have more control of the ball on field, and work on my shooting form,” Flower said. “As I prepared for this season I would train in my free time with other teammates or on my own. I trained not only on field with ball work, but also working on sprints and running. The best way for this to happen was having those training sessions with my teammates and really pushing myself to get better.”

Being aggressive and pushing the ball up the field was a focal point for Flower this season.

“As an individual, shots were definitely getting better and more were being put up,” said Flower, who had eight goals and six assists this season. “With the team, we were able to get the ball on offense a lot more this year, and it was great seeing everything come together.”

The Vikings made substantial strides this season and Flower said that was one of the most gratifying aspects to the year.

“The most exciting part of the season this year has been seeing the team develop together,” Flower said. “Then gaining more wins to be able to make it to the playoffs. 

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