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Area 2020 boys state wrestling results

By Joanna Chadwick

Congratulations to Goddard wrestling on its continued dominance. Six straight wrestling titles is truly phenomenal.

Goddard has won titles in 1999, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Class 6A

Team scores

  1. Mill Valley, 161.5
  2. Washburn Rural, 148
  3. Dodge City, 132
  4. Garden City, 124.5
  5. Derby, 121.5

106 pounds — Cody Woods, Derby, finished second

113 pounds — Dylan Sheler, Campus, finished third

Knowlyn Egan, Derby, finished fourth

Zachary Trenkamp, Wichita South, finished fifth

145 pounds — Cason Lindsey, Derby, won the title

152 pounds — Izaiah DelValle, Hutchinson, finished second

Nathan Bowen, Campus, finished fourth

160 pounds — Treyton Rusher, Derby, finished sixth.

170 pounds — Malachi Karibo, Wichita South, won the title

Samuel Rushin, Wichita West, finished fourth

182 pounds — Quentin Saunders, Wichita West, won the title

Taidon Wills, Derby, finished second

Levi Allen, Hutchinson, finished fourth

195 pounds — Tyler Allen, Derby, finished fourth

Ammean Soureshjani, Wichita Southeast, finished sixth

220 pounds — Jackson Stroud, Wichita North, won the title

Mario Perez, Wichita West, finished fourth

285 pounds — Caylen Lowery, Wichita Heights, finished fifth

Class 5A

Team scores

  1. Goddard, 205
  2. BV Southwest, 171.5
  3. Maize, 162.5
  4. Arkansas City, 139
  5. Great Bend, 93.5

106 pounds — Nick Treaster, Newton, won the title

Nakaylen Shabazz, Maize, finished second

Bubba Wright, Kapaun, finished third

Landry Root, Andover, finished fourth

Isaac Phimvongsa, Salina Central, finished sixth.

113 pounds — Samuel Dickey, Arkansas City, finished second

A.B. Stokes, Newton, finished fourth

Camden Padgett, Maize, finished fifth

120 pounds — Jason Henschel, Goddard, won the title

Grant Treaster, Newton, finished second

Kael Pappan, Ark City, finished third

Keton Patterson, Maize, finished fourth

126 pounds — Alyeus Craig, Valley Center, finished second

Slade Adam, Salina Central, finished fifth

132 pounds — Jerrdon Fisher, Goddard, won the title

Gabe Maki, Andover, finished fourth

Cayden Hughbanks, Maize, finished fifth

Joe Walter, Kapaun, finished sixth

138 pounds — Matthew Gottschalk, Carroll, finished fourth

Sawyer Mock, Newton, finished fifth

145 pounds — Trig Tennant, Ark City, won the title

Rhett Edmonson, McPherson, finished fourth

Logan Davidson, Goddard, finished fifth

152 pounds — Devin Gomez, Maize, won the title

Jace Fisher, Goddard, finished third

160 pounds — Cayleb Atkins, Goddard, finished second

Carson Wheeler, Maize, finished third

Hunter Trail, Carroll, finished fourth

170 pounds — Duwayne Villalpando, Maize, won the title

Nolan Craine, Goddard, finished third

Nathan Fury, Kapaun, finished fourth

Jonah Clark, McPherson, finished fifth

Nicholas Bahm, Ark City, finished sixth

182 pounds — Trevor Dopps, Goddard, won the title

Gavin Lough, Ark City, finished third

Lynauz Cox, Maize South, finished fourth

Charlie Frisch, Kapaun, finished fifth

195 pounds — Landon Frantz, McPherson, won the title

Kaden Glass, Goddard, finished second

Deston Miller, Ark City, finished third

220 pounds — Kyle Haas, Maize, finished second

Mason Thrash, McPherson, finished third

Mason Ross, Wichita Northwest, finished sixth

285 pounds — Tony Caldwell, Valley Center, won the title

Maximus Shannon, Ark City, finished second

Devon Dawson, Goddard, finished third

Class 4A

Team scores

  1. Chanute, 151
  2. Marysville, 94
  3. Andale, 88.5
  4. Tonganoxie, 73
  5. Holton, 65

106 pounds — Hunter Dietrich, Mulvane, finished fifth

Andy Lin, Augusta, finished sixth

113 pounds — Devon Weber, Pratt, won the title

Grady Fox, Augusta, finished third

Caleb Pavlacka, Andale, finished fourth

120 pounds — Chadwick Stahl, Mulvane, finished second

126 pounds — Hector Serratos, Andale, won the title

Braden Ledford, Winfield, finished second

William Stroda, Abilene, finished third

132 pounds — Keegan Beavers, Rose Hill, finished fourth

Koda Dipman, Pratt, finished sixth

145 pounds — Garret Davis, Augusta, finished second

152 pounds — Sam Elliott, Buhler, won the title

Dawson Chavez, Andale, finished third

Jake Knowles, El Dorado, finished fourth

Chance Price, Winfield, finished fifth

160 pounds — Eli Aouad, Andale, finished fifth

170 pounds — David Leck, Rose Hill, won the title

Steele Morin, Winfield, finished second

Kai Wernli, El Dorado, finished third

Jarin Gomez, Nickerson, finished sixth

195 pounds — Kanden Young, Wellington, finished third

Tanner Luttig, Smoky Valley, finished sixth

220 pounds — Cayden Winter, Andale, finished second

Kenny Fehrman, Wellington, finished third

Zach Phillips, Winfield, finished fifth

285 pounds — Hunter Scott, Mulvane, finished sixth

Class 3-2-1A

Team scores

  1. Norton, 120
  2. Hoxie, 113
  3. Republic County, 85.5
  4. Beloit, 75
  5. Larned, 72

106 pounds — Eastin Redetzke, Hoisington, finished sixth

113 pounds — Wyatt Wright, Remington, finished third

120 pounds — Kaleb Talkington, Republic County, finished third

145 pounds — Colby Schreiner, Kingman, finished second

Tate Kadel, Beloit, finished fifth

152 pounds — Hunter Prochaska, Beloit, won the title

Brennan Lowe, Eureka, finished second

Cole Steinert, Hoisington, finished fourth

170 pounds — Joshua Ball, Hoisington, finished third

Kaden Kraus, Halstead, finished sixth

182 pounds — Brennan Walker, Beloit, finished third

Quintin Beeson, Republic County, finished fourth

Todd Palic, Marion, finished fifth

Tranden Daerr, Garden Plain, finished sixth

195 pounds — Wyatt Pedigo, Hoisington, won the title

285 pounds — Eyann Zimmerman, Republic County, finished second

Creighton Johnson, Beloit, finished third


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