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Wichita North’s Diana Colchado-Urista: Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Advanced Physical Therapy

Wichita North’s wrestler Diana Colchado-Urista is hoping to grow in many different ways this year. She told VYPE that she thinks “it’s important to go outside of your comfort zone.”

Which is something she works toward athletically with the help of Rodah Benji. Naming Benji as the teammate who has had the biggest impact on her telling us “I would have to say that she has made the biggest impact on me as an athlete. Last year she would always push me to do my best and even though she would beat me up most of the time I always wanted to give her a struggle.”

Although she shined a light on Benji, Urista has a special connection with her entire team after they helped her through a traumatic experience.

Sharing that her “favorite athletic memory didn’t happen at a tournament; it happened before practice even started. I ended up getting pepper sprayed before practice by people who at the time I thought were my friends so I went to tell my coach I had to go home. Instead of practicing he ended up getting the wrestling team to comfort me, and poured milk on me to help me deal with the pain.”

In the end, Urista’s favorite part about the team “was that we were all really close, didn’t matter if you were good or bad, girl or boy, we all had a good relationship with each other.”

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