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Hawley to retire as Collegiate tennis coach

Dave Hawley, the longtime tennis coach at Wichita Collegiate, announced his retirement last month after decades of success. The boys tennis season in the spring will be his last.

Hawley won 59 team state titles for the Spartans, which is the record for most championships won by a Kansas high school tennis coach.

“I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on my career over the past several years,” Hawley said. “For about five years, I’ve gone back and forth about when I wanted to leave, on what terms, both teams at once or one at a time, etc. Until last spring it changed daily, sometimes hourly. I know I have loved what I’ve been blessed to do for a longer time than might have been expected, but that doesn’t mean I’ve enjoyed every part equally.”

A long drive to Circle High School 46 years ago changed a path for Hawley, one that has led to more success than he ever dreamed.

“It’s been nice to be approached about going to other places to coach, including colleges, but being wise enough to know I was exactly where I was supposed to be,” Hawley said. “It’s been telling to me that the greatest single reward from coaching has not been titles or awards, but relationships…. with faculty, fellow coaches, parents, but above all…players. When I connect with former players, some who are in their 60’s, I’m blessed with mostly positive interaction.”

The wins and titles has been so enjoyable for Hawley, but being consistent year in and year out means even more. There was never a doubt Collegiate tennis was going to vie for a state title at the end of the season.

“The proudest things, I think, are maybe connected to the consistency of always being competitive and trying never to become complacent,” Hawley said. “…to work nonstop at maintaining a ‘pipeline’ of players that ensure that we will be in the position to be a factor.”

Collegiate’s success goes far beyond just the school. Hawley recognizes it effected the Wichita tennis community, too.

“I love the fact that our kids have held our banner high, and though we have had knucklehead moments, I hope they have been few and far between,” Hawley said.

Hawley also said he had assistant coaches along the way that were key contributing factors in the Spartans’ championships.

“This is a great place to mention that I have had AMAZING assistant/ associate coaches throughout the years,” Hawley said. “Including Janet Glaser, Jeff Nordgren, Jenny Gaddis, Jess Ball Dibble, Josh Glaser, Jaren Glaser, John Leddy, Jocelyn Devilliers, Aleksandra Devilliers, Ilja Cuic, Regis Fox, Allie Emmitt Klusener, Katrina Brodhagen Khicha, Jackie Richey Hall and this year the amazing Simon Norman.”

Sitting still is something Hawley cannot do, so while he might be retiring from coaching, he plans to still be active.

“I still will teach tennis, teach in the classroom one more year (at least I may love teaching without coaching), watch my grandkids games and activities, and most critically, be more active at our church,” Hawley said. “I will continue to love my wife of 47 years, Sally, who is the best coaches’ wife ever, and would let me coach as long as I would like. But mostly, just continue to enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with.”

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